Gavin Martin is the Founder of ‘Prosper’, a boutique consultancy firm with strong academic links and progressive methods. Prosper exists to help clients ‘Flourish and Grow’, and was forged upon Gavin’s passion for helping good people achieve great things.  The firm looks at holistic measures and prosperity drivers, uses Social Movements to build momentum, and deploys Cognitive Behavioural techniques and People Whispering to give you focus, direction, drive and the motivation you need. The outcome is that Prosper enables people and businesses to achieve sustainably higher levels of performance and prosperity in all they do, measurably.

A self-confessed ‘Creative Geek’, Gavin has always loved to think, to write, to plan and to create things. A growing portfolio of technologies, consumer products and intellectual properties reflect his other interests. Gavin is also Co-Founder of Zapsta, creator of a few nutrition and wellbeing products, and previously pioneered in brand, gesture-based tech, cloud-based technologies. Currently he’s tinkering with smart clothing, wearables, and nutrition.


Known for his optimism, infectious positive energy, passion, fresh insights and talks. Its Gavin’s mission to positively disrupt patterns of thought in order to move us all forward in great ways, and to help us understand the complexities around us and how to see or work with them. He’s also very bright, down to earth and loves to ride around the world on motorcycles.